Aggregated into the term “alternative energy” is a diverse sector including fuel cells, ethanol, biodiesel/biogas, and other alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas (“CNG”) and liquefied natural gas (“LNG”).  DAI understands the nuances of each alternative fuel market and how their differences influence asset values and risks. Producers and consumers of alternative fuels often find themselves at the intersection of internal and external market drivers, ranging from local production or investment tax credits to global geopolitical influences that impact the broader U.S. fuel market. DAI’s team of engineering, technical, and operational specialists, coupled with DAI’s knowledge of energy markets, can help clients navigate leasing or investment decisions in these evolving market environments.

  • Energy Market Forecasting
  • Equipment Appraisal
  • Fair Market Value
  • Orderly Liquidation Value Appraisal
  • Project Development Support
  • Property Tax Valuation
alternative fuels
Fuel Cell in California
alternative fuels
Biofuel plant in Illinois